what =rand() means

it means:
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

hmm, interesting....

I almost forget this blog

Because Im not good at remembering things :)

Random fact today:
I hate it when people dont appreciate me for what I've done, and I hate to be blamed with something I didnt do

after triple kill

Did you know I play DoTA? I got curious about what the dang announcer would say after "Triple Kill"

Then someone killed four heroes at a time, and guess what? Double "Triple Kill"


a post for technorati

im too lazy to edit my template, so this is for you, technorati!


-link deleted-

number err... stop the numbers already :|

Dang, I lost count and too lazy to go view my own blog :|

So now i guess Ill stop using numbers

i hate birthdays, seriously

and if you know how much i hate this, maybe you'd understand. no wait wait, i dont think so

i hate birthdays

i just hate it! what's with celebrating the same date recurring over and over again? what's so special with it?

and why is it everytime i dont pay enough attention to someone else's birthday they get mad at me. fvck birthdays! fck it! i dont even care if nobody cares about me or my birthday, heck i even hate it when people do

forget my birthday!

number fourty four

the fact that i like to kiss a stranger (female, of course) has just been revealed to my girlfriend. i wonder what other random fact will i reveal to her :|

number fourty three

i like browsing weblog archives :)

number fourty two

many times google saved my life, whew. like just now :p

number fourty one

i want to name my daughter Alfionita, and i'd call her FIO :)

curious? ask me

number fourty

friend: umur berapa mo nikah?
me: thirty something, mungkin. if ever. kenapa?
friend: aku 4 tahun lagi, pas umurku 20 :)
eh? ah, its normal.. i forgot you're a girl :p
a conversation with a female friend, and i do think females tend to (have to) marry in such young age :)

number thirty nine

im not artistic, seriously. i dont understand poems nor sweet words. the only words i use to hit on you girls are the ones i got from lame old romantic movies (this explains why you might never heard of it)

number thirty eight

im easily attracted to woman, i make premature decisions, im impulsive, im fast (by means of wasting money), i dont fast often (by means of fasting in Ramadhan) and finally..

i easily fall in and out of love, DOH

number thirty seven

im totally bored now, seriously. i mean, if im not, why am i filling *almost* all quizes at blogthings?

number thirty six

now that the one (project) is almost done, i think i have time to spam on hello island again :)

number thirty five

im bored clicking mouses with my index finger, so now im using the middle one :)

number thirty four

do you know shimokita glory days? im in love with the movie. enough said, see screenshot and get more info on it

a friend ripped sexy voices from the movie, i use it as my message tone. want it?

number thirty three

this number is kinda cute. twin numbers always attract me, maybe because im a gemini?

number thirty two

i envy good blog writers. i envy good looking bloggers. i envy bloggers who have good looking lovers. i envy bloggers who have good layouts

this is what i do, i envy

number thirty one

i dont remember dates, names and locations. so pardon me if i dont remember your birthday

yeah, as if i care. lol

* this point does not apply to you if you are really really really cute :)

number thirty

sometimes i dont think before doing something. mostly because i am lazy

number twenty nine

if im interested in a topic, count to a week at most. ill get bored soon enough

number twenty eight

my first (active) Yahoo! id is bbyfxx, guess where it came from?

randomness, yaay!

number twenty seven

my first kiss happened on a parking field, without noticing the crowd stare at us. and it happened in Ramadhan. im bad :|


number twenty six

i hate fish, squid, eel, any other animal that swims or crawls or wallows in mudholes

number twenty five

this number is my birth date. i like this number not only because it is my birth date, but because it is a multiplication of five

number twenty four

there is a scar under my lips. makes me even cuter

number twenty three

im busy now, seriously. and i dont have time for things like this but im still doing it anyway. i like to do stupid things

number twenty two

i just found out that the guys/girls/people from helloisland made a blog together (blogging keroyokan). i like the pictures posted there :D

number twenty one

people who dont know me might say im a little impolite. they are right

number twenty

ill be 20 this may. i love multiplication of five, because its easy to count. and sometimes, i can be good in math

number nineteen

if i may, i would marry my cute cousin. seriously

number eighteen

i wasnt sure to write eighteen, i was confused with eightteen. but thanks to firefox 2's spellcheck, i can write correctly :)

and i forgot what was i going to write.. have i said i love firefox?

number seventeen

my first crush was on one of my friend from first grade on junior high

i didnt confess. a good friend kissed her right in front of me, and later after that i another friend told me that he had a crush on this same girl. and later on another friend told me the same

dang, and she looked so cute in babydoll dresses!

number sixteen

i once participate in helloisland forum and became a spammer :|

number fifteen

i love mozilla and it's products. i use firefox and thunderbird, and i'd love to—in sometime soon—get a jacket on mozilla store

oh, and firebug is so cool. everyone should use it :)

number fourteen

blogwalking uses only a few seconds of my time. i have my favorite blogs' rss on my live bookmark. firefox rox

number thirteen

i just drank (almost) a gallon of water while chatting with my friend at work. this sure affects my digestion


number twelve

i enjoy reading the visitor log of my blog, and i like to laugh on how they got there from search engines. they came to anima.dudut.com searching for phrases: "random facts", "chase sweets", "maya", "dudut","beck anime sountrack", "pria tabah", "auto generated greetings", "blogging requirements", "maya exotic" and even things i never imagined


but i still envy how dewi made google thinks she is the first dewi

number eleven

last night i confirmed that i broke up with ayu. i held back because i was looking for a better time to break it into her gently

then i realize that there will never be a perfect time. it has to be yesterday night, and im sorry it had to be that way

number ten

i like random and unordered things

number nine

i cant imagine what does it feels like to have a daughter named Senja. mainly because i have a friend named senja, and because i plan to name my daughter Putri

cute, aint?

number eight

im lazy. cant help it. i only bath when i need to, and in most cases i dont need to :p

number seven

lately i've been playing DotA with my friends all night long. i'm having headache every morning, but i dont like to think playing DotA is the reason why. i think it's something else

number six

i just found out that she doesnt like fish, but she eats it anyway. DOH

number five

i was still 3 when i went to kindergarten (dang, that word actually made me open a dictionary :|). i was (just a little) too little to interact, too young to understand what was going on. but i managed to study fairly well :)

number four

nana made a 101 facts about her, and she wrote 104 by now. LOL. i didnt mention how many random facts im going to mention here

not because i intend to keep on posting here, but most likely because i'll be bored soon and stop writing

have i told you im lazy?

number three

i think this is fun, pressing publish button like crazy xD

more! more! more1

number two

one of the reasons i use english is: i hate to call people with kamu, anda, ente, elu or stuffs like that. because in english i can refer anyone as "you"

number one

this blog is made in order to follow the trend set by nananias which followed by dewi and then myself

happy blogging again, me!